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The Power of Salary Transparency: Shining Light on Workplace Equity

Monday, 26 June 2023 13:32

Have you ever seen a job posting that looks exciting, done all of the work to apply and interview and then found out that the salary won’t work for you? On the flip side, have you ever advertised a job, done all of the interviews, and selected your top candidate only to find that the salary you’re offering is not enough? Have you ever hired an employee at a higher salary than your current staff of similar positions? Have you ever found out that someone with the same position as you but without as much tenure in the organization makes more money than you? These real-life scenarios result in feelings of guilt, disappointment, and wasted time, which in turn lead to work-related dissatisfaction. 

We’re Still In This Together

Monday, 26 June 2023 13:30

Over the years of working together, we have learned one thing… it ain’t as easy as it looks! But, guess what? It’s really not that difficult either. We aim to challenge what togetherness can look like in our work. Human togetherness means bringing two different people in partnership, moving forward toward the same destination at the same pace. We have, for the most part, been able to achieve this because we share the same values, vision and commitment.

National AfterSchool Association Announces New Board Members

Monday, 26 June 2023 13:29

The results are in from the 2023 National AfterSchool Association’s Board Election, and we are pleased to announce two new board members, Sheneika Simmons with WakeEd Partnership, and Jasmine Castleberry with the Harris County Department of Education, were elected by a majority vote from OST professionals from around the country. 

Supercharging the Engagement of Youth Development Professionals

Tuesday, 20 June 2023 09:18

You have to love what you do to be a youth development professional. Like a plant requiring water and sunlight, love and passion in the work needs dedicated nurturing - and we need to supercharge this intentionality. What is a ‘supercharge’?  It’s all of the right conditions for youth development professionals to show up consistently ready to take on the charge and enormous responsibility of empowering the next generation.

Empowering the Next Generation: Developing and Supporting Young Professionals in OST Panel

Tuesday, 20 June 2023 09:16

NAA’s Next Generation of AfterSchool Leaders were invited to be the panelist for Empowering the Next Generation: Developing and Supporting Young Professionals in OST, hosted by OSTI-CON and moderated by Angelica Portillo, NAA’s Director of Advocacy and Workforce Initiatives.

Take 11: Brain Breaks Help You Maintain Focus

Monday, 12 June 2023 12:09

We know setting aside time to get the wiggles out, scribble, and have a healthy snack help reset children into focus mode, but recent studies (and observation during virtual meetings) link brain breaks to higher productivity among adults in the workplace, too.

The Achievery Cohort Kicks Off an Action-Packed Summer

Monday, 12 June 2023 12:08

It’s no surprise that an energizing playlist, which begins each Achievery Cohort learning session, distracts from the stressors of our early morning deliverables, and encourages us to move our shoulders in a synchronized beat (on camera, mind you) while Beyonce belts out “Break My Soul”.  A song fitting for the working OST professional as we transition from a data-driven school year into an action-packed summer.  With the management of multiple programs, staff, student expectations, and data it would be easy to become overwhelmed with also managing the rigor of the expected outcomes of a learning group.  Yet the project is moving along at an appropriate pace.

Transformative Professional Learning: All Day Every Day

Monday, 12 June 2023 12:07

There were eight of us around the table. We were all part of a teacher support initiative working in partnership with a large school district and a university to improve teacher preparation. We were discussing a challenging situation and raising questions with no easy answers.

Cast Your Vote! The Ballot Box is Open for NAA Board Candidates

Wednesday, 07 June 2023 08:36

The National AfterSchool Association is excited to announce that our committee has reviewed all board application materials and 17 wonderful candidates were selected to campaign! The ballot is open for voting now through June 14, 2023.

A Place for Everyone: Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Out-of-School Time Organizations

Wednesday, 07 June 2023 08:35

In the world of youth development, very little is simple. More often than not, organizations are up against seemingly insurmountable odds in the fight for a just society for all young people. The battles young people face are everywhere, from mass shootings to global pandemics and crises related to mental health, housing, and extreme economic insecurity to name just a few.

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