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National AfterSchool Association Announces New Board Members

Monday, 26 June 2023 13:29

The results are in from the 2023 National AfterSchool Association’s Board Election, and we are pleased to announce two new board members, Sheneika Simmons with WakeEd Partnership, and Jasmine Castleberry with the Harris County Department of Education, were elected by a majority vote from OST professionals from around the country. 

“It was a competitive field with 17 highly-qualified, impactful out-of-school time leaders,” NAA CEO and President Gina Warner said. “We thank everyone who put themselves forward for these positions and are confident all candidates will continue to make amazing contributions to the field, and we look forward to seeing it!”

Sheneika Simmons || North Carolina

Why do you want to be an NAA Board Member?

Simply put: I love NAA! I have worked with NAA in several roles: (1) the statewide affiliate for North Carolina; (2) as a speaker and presenter at the NAA23 Convention; and (3) as an attendee and recipient of their resources. Within each of those roles, I understand the need and significance of the work that NAA does to support OST professionals across the nation. I want to be a part of that work. I want to help further drive NAA's mission and vision to become a reality.

Jasmine Castleberry || Texas

Why do you want to be an NAA Board Member?

It has become important to me to invest in my leadership skills in order to respond to organizational and industry changes and create a strategic vision for the community that promotes equity through new opportunities. This opportunity would allow me the chance to give valuable insight into NAA’s objective, strategy, and goals that can lead to growth.

Sheneika and Jasmine are joined by five board-appointed individuals who will also begin their Board term July 1, 2023. They appointees are:

Joshua Brady, Education Administrator, California Department of Education
Tanisha Grimes, National Vice President for Youth Development, BGCA
Rebecca Kelley, Executive Vice President,
Femi Vance, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research
Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Director of Youth Studies Programs, CUNY

“Our Board of Directors is a collection of dedicated Afterschool community-centered leaders committed to supporting, developing, and advocating for those who work with and for youth in OST,  ” Warner said. “We are excited to channel our seven new members’ talents, expertise, and energy into furthering our mission.”