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Access Technology and Devices

Clock IconThis module should take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

Identify your tech needs and find resources in order to offer access to the internet, devices, and tech support during afterschool hours.


  1. What kinds of technology do you want to bring into your program?
  2. What schools, community organizations, or other partners already have the equipment you need?
  3. What avenues have you explored to allow your program to access technology, devices, the internet, or IT support?

Is it a challenge for you to provide students with access to technology and devices in your program? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Many afterschool professionals say that access to technology is a large barrier to their program’s integration of digital learning. You may need to be creative to surmount this obstacle. Fortunately, afterschool professionals are very creative! In this module, you’ll learn new ways that you can access and maintain your devices.



Main photo courtesy of Alaska Afterschool Network.