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Train and Support Staff to Use Technology

Clock IconThis module should take you 15-22 minutes to complete.

Build your staff’s digital learning competencies through hands-on training and development.


  • How comfortable and confident do staff feel using technology in programming with students?
  • How ready are staff to offer leadership opportunities to students and share their own expertise as digital learning experts? What are the most important things that your staff should be able to know and do with technology to build digital learning skills?

Technology is a constantly changing field. It may feel exhausting for staff to focus on both their day-to-day responsibilities and learning new skills, apps, devices, and systems. Your focus on staff training and mentoring can help staff find ways to connect emerging and changing technology to their daily goals and work with students. In this module, you will work on building staff comfort and confidence in both using new technology and supporting youth leadership as students lead the adoption of technology in your program.