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What She Said: Memorable Speaker Quotes from Day 1

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 14:21

The NAA23 Speaker Series featured top-notch OST professionals from across the nation at each of the three General Sessions. For our kick-off session, we heard from speakers who gave more than just a talk; they set the tone for Convention. These amazing women shared their ability to touch the collective soul and inspire all participants with their messages centered on the theme:


The Incredible, Unique, Special Afterschool Professional


“What I love most about coming to NAA’s Convention is that this is the unique place where we see so many professionals along the journey working together. There’s a depth of amazing learning and networking that you don’t get anywhere else.” – Suzette Harvey


“You need people that help you shine – that help you glisten, baby! We need to nurture each other – we need to nurture ourselves for who we are, who we show up as… we need to be that person, because our kids are watching.” Sheneika Simmons


“Children need opportunities to learn, love, respect, and live in harmony with those who may differ from them. But before we can support youth in getting to know themselves and others, we must first do our own merit work.” – LaTasha Golden


“We are so often made to feel like our stress is our fault. Like our practical inability to do the work of several full-time jobs at a time somehow makes us incompetent and uncommitted or weak… But let me tell you – we are smart, and we are strong, and we are often so committed that we ignore or justify mistreatment in the name of the greater good.” Marissa Badgley


“Through this journey, there are some things that I’ve experienced that allowed me to adjust, adapt, and accept the label of leader: 1) Emotional Intelligence; 2) Finding Your Nudger; and 3) Professional Development.” Chyrel Oates


General Session 1 set the tone for the four days we got to spend together. Did you miss it? Check out the full recording here, and look for memorable quotes from Day 2 and Day 3 soon!