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5 Transformational Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at NAA23

Wednesday, 07 December 2022 08:12

The National AfterSchool Association develops each Convention with the goal of providing out-of-school time professionals the space to recuperate, share, and discover new ideas so that they may leave with restored passion for the vital work they do. NAA23 serves as the ultimate charging station for our people in the field. With over 50 workshops, community conversations, and leadership intensives — Convention will power human connections through transformational sessions like these five opportunities for inspired learning.

“I am…” The Power of Voice and Identity
Embracing your unique story can be an intimidating feat to even consider, but having the opportunity to speak and not being prepared to—or being afraid to—can be a wasted opportunity for you and those around you. LaTasha Golden, M Ed., will support audience members in harnessing the power of authenticity for themselves, their OST work, and elevating that in the youth they serve.

Strengthening An Organization's Professional Development (PD) Offerings
Professional development can improve employees’ confidence in their work, which translates into higher job satisfaction, employee performance, productivity, and organizational morale in their OST careers. Illinois AfterSchool Network Executive Director Curtis Peace will discuss strategies for leadership to improve growth-opportunity offerings for better staff engagement and retention.

The Magic of Motivating Part-Time Employees
Leading and managing a team is HARD, and we’ve all had challenging days trying to maintain productivity, engagement, and results when our people are distracted, grumpy, noncompliant, or ineffective. Marissa Badgley, MSW, will hand over the recipe for engaged, productive, inspired, and helpful employees to session attendees with ingredients to be influential, including the "magic sauce" to create conditions for motivation.

Internalizing Love (of Self and Community)
Self-love is the foundation for fostering healthy relationships and inspired culture. Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams will guide this empowering conversation with an emphasis on compassionate self-care to help session participants check overly self-critical negativity and strengthen connections to their community.

Laughter Yoga – Yes, It’s a Thing!
A good dose of laughter has unparalleled, positive impact on your mind, body, and soul. Long-time supporter of youth-serving professionals and funny specialist Clint Darr, M.Ed, will lead participants through combinations of laughter exercises with Yogic breathing techniques to maximize the physical, social, and emotional benefits of laughing.

Join us in Orlando March 19-22, 2023 to transform your out-of-school time experience with new knowledge, rejuvenation, and the meaningful recognition OST professionals deserve. Register here.